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Downloading Subsmission Media from a Casting Call
Downloading Subsmission Media from a Casting Call
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Talent Submission Media (ie Self-tapes, Selfies, Audio clips) submitted using Casting Calls can be downloaded in a single ZIP archive. This is makes forwarding the submitted Submission Media on to a casting director or client very easy.

Make sure you have selected media type for Submission Media in the Details tab so that talent are able to upload:

Once talent have responded to the Casting Call and have uploaded the relevant Submission Media you are able to see this in the Recipients tab - as indicated by the small icon (in this case a video camera) in the row next to the talent name and under the Media bar:    

In order to Download the Submitted Media, click on the empty box to the left of a talent name then scroll to the bottom of the page to the Selected dropdown which will indicate how many talent you have Selected and give you options of what to do with those selected talent:

Click on Download Media and the Submissions will automatically start downloading to your computer in a single Zip-file.

Alternatively to downloading the Submission Media, you are also able to send a PDF with all confirmed attendees and a hyper-link to the Submission Media.  

Go to the Attendees tab and in the top right you will see a PDF icon which will allow you to view the Attendees list as a PDF and then send it on with the hyperlinks.

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