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Creating a Casting Call with Submission Media
Creating a Casting Call with Submission Media

Send out a Casting Call request for submission media (ie Self-Tape/Video)

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You are able to send out Casting Calls and ask talent to upload Submission Type (such as Self-Tapes/Video/Audio).

From the Castings tab select New Casting Call.

In the Details section, select what type of Submissions Type you are requesting from your talent: Image, Audio or Video.

Once you have selected the Submission Type you can set the Submission Limit (number of files) requested and a Submission Deadline

Under Timeslots you can select No Timeslots if all you are requesting from talent is a Media Submission.

Now press SAVE

Add Recipients to the Casting Call.

In the Send section of the Casting Call, make sure the Show Confirmations button is ticked under the email.

When the talent receive their Casting Call email they will be prompted to click Yes, I can attend or No, I can't attend

If they click Yes, I can attend their browser will open to a new window which will prompt them to upload their Media.  

Once they have uploaded a Self-Tape the browser will refresh to show them that the upload was received.

Back in your Syngnency Casting Call, once the talent have uploaded the requested Media a small icon will appear next to their name:

You are able to either download selected talent Media into a zip-file by ticking the box to the left of the talent name and then using the With Selected drop down to Download Media:

Or if you go in to the Attendees tab you are able to download a PDF of all Talent who have uploaded their Submission Media with hyperlinks.  In the top right of the screen there is a view PDF button to click.

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