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Managing Talent in Divisions
Managing Talent in Divisions

The Divisions tab is where you can add, remove, and transfer talent between your divisions and set headshots.

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The Divisions tab of a talent profile displays the different divisions (and offices, if your account is multi-office) they are assigned to, and the headshot that has been set for each:

Add talent to a new division

To add talent to a new division, select the division from the menu at the bottom of the tab, and click Add to Division. If your account is multi-office, you can also select a division that is specific to each office:

Set headshot

You can set a new headshot image by left-clicking on the headshot with your mouse, or right-clicking and selecting Upload Image. You can click Remove Image if you would prefer to remove the headshot image altogether.

Switch talent to another division

If you are moving talent from one division to another, you can use the Switch menu above to choose the new division. All packages and bookings associated with the previous division will then be associated with the new one.
This is much more efficient than removing the talent from a division and re-adding them to another.

Remove talent from division

To remove someone from a division, right-click on the headshot:

You can either choose to make them Inactive (they won't appear in this division on your website or general talent lists, but remain in any associated bookings or packages), or Remove them from the division. You'll then need to select another division to transfer any related bookings or packages to:

To learn how to create new divisions for your agency, please see this article on Setting up your divisions.

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