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For Admins Only: Customising Schedule Types for Talent

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Custom Schedule Types are helpful way of making sure the language you use when Booking your Talent is reflected in their Schedule.

Adding a new schedule type

You can manage your Schedule Types from Settings > Types > Schedules

To add a new schedule type, click on Add Type and select Schedules from the dropdown:

Create a Name for the Schedule Type.

Select the Internal function for the Schedule Type:

The Internal option sets one of three special properties, in terms of how the Schedule Type works within the underlying Syngency booking engine. These internal properties are:

  • Released – the schedule has been released, and is not included in booking details sent to talent or clients.

  • Option – the schedule is an option/hold, and can be prioritised from 1-4 around other options.

  • Confirmed – the schedule is confirmed as part of a billable job.

If you don't need to define your new schedule type as any of the above, you can just leave it blank.

Choose a colour you wish to have associated with the Schedule Type by clicking on the colour square (please note: we do not add/customise colours)

Remember to Save once you have filled out the pop up.

Deleting or editing a schedule type

You are only able to delete newly-created schedule types or ones that are not yet associated with any bookings by clicking on the Schedule Type you wish to delete and pressing Delete (if the Delete button is not highlighted and cannot be clicked on then the Schedule Type is in use and cannot be deleted)

Should you wish to transfer any schedules from one type to another so you can delete a type, please contact support.

You can however rename a Schedule Type by clicking on it and typing a new name in the Name box and clicking Save, this will rename all past schedules also.

Important: Please be aware of the Schedule Types' internal behaviour when modifying schedule types, as these directly impact your bookings and invoices.

Should you require any assistance, please contact support.

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