Invoice Splits

How to split your booking across multiple invoices to bill clients at different stages.

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If you are managing a project-based booking in Syngency, often you may want to invoice the client for different stages – such as an initial deposit – or varying amounts at different times.

Invoice Splits are just that – a way to split the booking's total gross amount across multiple invoices.

You can find the Invoice Split settings in the Details > Invoice section of your booking:

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By default, Syngency bookings are set to a single invoice split – so the full amount is displayed on the one invoice.

You can change this setting to create up to six invoice splits. Once you select a split, additional invoice fields will appear, representing each invoice that will be issued from the booking.

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Each invoice can be split as a percentage (above), or fixed amounts (below) by changing the dropdown options:

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Once you have saved your invoice splits, they will be displayed in the top-right corner of the Invoice tab.

Each split uses the booking's main invoice number, with a sequential suffix, depending on how many splits you have selected.

Switch between each one to view it in the invoice preview area:

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On each split invoice, the total at the bottom of the invoices will have a new "Payment Due" line item, displaying which invoice split the payment is due for, and the amount:

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Important note for QuickBooks and Xero

Invoice Splits only affect your Syngency invoices, for the purpose of sending them to your clients. Syngency will still only generate a single invoice in QuickBooks or Xero, to which you can then apply the multiple payments from each split.

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