You may want to search for talent with specific tags to help organize your roster. Tags are fully customizable and can be added to any talent profile in a few simple steps.

When logged into your Syngency account:

  1. Click Talent in your navigation bar and choose All Talent

  2. Search talent by name to find the talent's profile you want to edit

  3. Click Details below the talent's name and photo

  4. In the "Tags" field, type the tag you would like to apply and hit ENTER

  5. Scroll to the bottom of the page and choose Save

Any tag you add to one talent's profile can be applied to other talent.

To search for your talent by tag:

  1. Click Talent in your navigation bar and choose Search Talent

  2. Scroll to find Tags on the left and click

  3. Choose to search for talent with our without tags you've added to talent profiles

  4. Click Search

A more recent request we've received is the ability to search for talent who have are fully vaccinated for COVID-19. You may want to add a tag like "COVID_Vax" to your talents' profiles who fit this criteria.

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