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Creating Quotes in Your Booking
Creating Quotes in Your Booking
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If a client has reached out to you for a booking and wants to know the fees associated with you or your talents' services, you may want to create a quote.

You can create a quote within any of the bookings in your account, simply click on Quotes on the left side of your screen:

Click New Quote and enter relevant details. Once you've created your quote, you can click on the arrow to the right to view additional options, including Email PDF.

Enter your recipient's email address and add any details you'd like to the body of the email. They'll receive a copy of the PDF where they can Accept or Decline the quote:

Once they've made a selection, you'll receive an email to your email address letting you know if they've accepted or declined the quote. The status will also update in the Quotes page on Syngency:

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