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Media Uploads Galleries

Purpose of Media Uploads Galleries

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The Archived Media Uploads Galleries (Image/Video/Audio) are where anything the Talent uploads from the Syngency Talent App/Talent Portal goes.

The Archived Uploads Galleries are not intended to be moved to Published or be Deleted, because if this happens then Talent are no longer able to Upload Media.

All talent need Media Uploads Galleries in order to be able to upload Media from their Syngency Talent App or Talent Portal.

The workflow is that Talent upload their Media here, and then the agent can go in and select what they wish to use for the published galleries or put into other Archived Galleries.

It is up to the Agent if they wish to remove all the Media from the Uploads Galleries or just what they wish to use, however keeping in mind that the Uploads Galleries are not infinite, so if the Galleries fill up with Media then Talent cannot upload more (also the less left in there the better to know what Media is fresh!).

In order to move the media - Select the media from the gallery by clicking on the box in bottom left of media thumbnail. Use dropdown and select Copy/Move Selected.

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