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Adding Mother Agency Commission to your model bills and statements
Adding Mother Agency Commission to your model bills and statements

How to configure Syngency to handle Mother Agency Commission splits on your model bills and statements.

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By default, your Syngency account comes with two charge types set up under Settings > Fees & Taxes:

If your agency charges a sales tax, such as VAT, GST, etc. you'll want to add this as a Tax also.

Syngency can add any other types of charges to client invoices and model bills, including Mother Agency Commission – typically charged by modelling agencies.

If you have models placed with a mother agency, and need to split your Agency Commission with a Mother Agency Commission, just follow these steps.

  1. From Settings > Fees & Taxes, add a new charge type called Mother Agency Commission and set the default percentage to 0%. We do this as not all models will have mother agencies, and this will be overridden by the default in the models' profile.

2. In the Accounts tab of the models' profile, set the Agency Commission and Mother Agency Commission accordingly. Typically this is a 10% / 10% split:

3. Now, each booking the model is added to will use these as the default:

4. The model statement will reflect this split in the bill subtotal:

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