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How to populate a Gallery Package
How to populate a Gallery Package
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Gallery Packages are a great way of ensuring your client views those images of your talent that you think would suit them best.  You can mix images from several portfolios, including polaroid should you choose to.  You can even add archived portfolio images to the Gallery Package.

Once you have selected the Talent for your Gallery Package, the package will be empty, save for your talent names.

To add the images you wish to include in the package, click on the drop down arrow on the far right in the talent box you want to start selecting for.  Click Add Images.

You are now in Selection Mode.
You will now be taken to the Talent's Portfolio Gallery where you are able to select the images you wish to include in the Gallery package.  To include images, go into each portfolio and select those you want, a blue border will appear around the selected images.  You are also able to add an entire gallery of images at once using the "Right-click" context menu. To go back to the package, click on Return to Package, in the Selection Mode box.

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