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Billing Departments

Create a department for your contacts which can be automatically emailed each invoice.

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If you regularly send invoices to the same group of contacts for each client, our new Billing Departments feature will make this much easier.

Staff added to a Billing Department, will automatically appear as recipients when you send invoices to that client.

Here's how to set it up:

  • From Settings > Types, add "Accounts" (or call it anything you like) under Departments.

  • In the Staff tab of a contact, click on or add a Staff member, and select the Department you just created.

  • You can do this for as many people as you need to be sent invoices for this clients' bookings.

  • In the Accounts tab of the client's contact, set the Billing Departmentfield to the one you just created.

  • Now, each time you open the Email PDF window in the Invoice tab of a booking, the email addresses of the "Accounts" department staff will automatically be populated in the "To" field.

No need to remember, or enter them each time :)

Xero Contact Persons

If you are using Syngency's Xero integration, any staff assigned to your billing department will be synced to Xero as a Contact Person.

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