Introducing Tasks

Tasks are a quick, easy way to keep track of reminders, actionable items, and deadlines for you and your team.

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Every day there's a lot going on in an agency, and many important details to keep track of. To make this easier, Syngency has a great new feature to help you and your team manage what needs to happen and when.

We call them Tasks, and if you've ever used a CRM or productivity platform like Asana,, or Pipedrive, you'll be familiar with how these work.

Create a task, assign it to yourself or one of your team, include a due date and any important information, and Syngency will keep your team notified of updates to your tasks until they're completed.

You can create tasks for yourself or a team member. You can also create a task related to/associated with a talent, contact, or booking. All of these are just a click away, in the new Tasks sidebar.

To open the sidebar, click the Tasks icon, to the left of the Search bar in Syngency's top nav.

The blue badge visible above shows the number of outstanding tasks currently assigned to you.

When the Tasks sidebar opens, you'll see four tabs, with the My Tasks open by default:


The four tabs in the Tasks sidebar are:

  • My Tasks – any tasks that have been assigned to you, both by yourself and other users.

  • All Tasks – all tasks which you have created, whether they have been assigned to you, or other users.

  • Completed – all tasks which you have completed.

  • New Task – where you can create a new task.

Each task in the list displays the following:

  • The type of task (represented by the icon in the grey circle).

  • The description of the task.

  • The name of the booking, contact, or talent associated with the task (optional).

  • The due date the task needs to be completed by (optional – will display a red alert if the due date has passed).

  • The avatar of the user the task is assigned to.

Ready to get started? Let's create your first task.

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